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Aluna Wellness


Aluna Wellness is an eco friendly spa on Anna Maria Island focused on holistic healing practices offering massage, yoga, acupuncture and organic skin treatments.

The Aluna Wellness spa unites healing practices from around the world to give it's clients an authentic healing experience based on contemporary therapies.     

You won't be disappointed by their exceptional offering.  The yoga class and beach massages are great for relaxation and their full range of therapeutic services are given by their great team of professionals.




(941) .77-8.84 #00


6101 Marina Drive
Holmes Beach, FL 34217

419 Pine Ave
Anna Maria City, FL 34216


1+ 941-778-6066
0-800-188-8906 (gebührenfrei aus Deutschland)
0-800-883-0462 (gebührenfrei aus UK)
1+ 877-778-6066(gebührenfrei innerhalb USA)

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